Social & Legal Assistance

SEDA provides support and guidance in material and immaterial assistance to anyone who turns to or is referred for assistance (40 to 50 actions per week).

Social & Legal Support & Guidance

This entails the following activities:

Support :  intake and registration of actions for various categories of persons in need of care.

Guidance:  various types of "Restorative Circles" (offense-related and non-offense-related) on Wednesday and Friday for restoration and strengthening family ties (Family Decision Making Group) in collaboration with the Public Persecutor Service's "Forsa Propio" (own strength) - Establish and implementing "Own Strength" methodology since 2015.

Aftercare : Time–out Curaçao (T.O.C.) care team meetings where necessary with “Care and Restore”.

Home visits:  for regular care (principal social worker) for the "Pilgrim House" (temporary shelter and preparation for own shelter and housing assistance and dealing with a small budget); for students from our alternative "Techno Future School"; intakes, home visits, meetings and consultations with supplying agencies when preparing school circles, family circles and interventions.

Projects:  with the aim to stimulate generous donors and grateful recipients in our culture of "sharing" to alleviate poverty and also increase accessibility to care; for example, "Un man ta laba otro" (one hand washes the other) - 12 to 20 visitors on Tuesdays and Fridays every week. Including the possibility for telephone supply of furniture and orders, and whenever possible, bazaars and networking in the neighborhoods.

Local and International Networks:  remain in contact and aligned with globalization and trends in the women's network / platforms following all international commemorative days and reports (CEDAW- Beijing platform for action- UNESCO).

Continuity:  in the application and further development '"Restorative Practices" after basic training courses for GOs and NGOs and monitor the application of this modern methodology in the socio-educational and judicial care chain through the use  of surveys and return days.

Temporary Family Care and Outpatient Living Support "Pilgrim House":  providing assistance in urgent homeless cases, those who are in dire living situations and thus are waiting for a housing allocation by Public Housing Foundation (Fundashon Kas Popular, FKP), for a maximum of 1 year, with shelter and intensive housing supervision in hygiene, budgeting and household organization.

Conform Protocol Public Persecutor's Service's "Restorative Justice Circles between offender(s) and victim(s):  Since Restorative Justice Symposium of October 2nd, 2018, apply the outcome of a Restorative Justice Route to submit concrete agreements between juvenile offender(s) and victim(s) to the officer or judge within the Juvenile Justice Chain.

If you need assistance or would like more information
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