Day of Joy and Surprise for Children

10th commemoration of the birthday of Monsignor Amado Romer

For the 10th consecutive year, SEDA (Center for the Development of Women and their Families) commemorates the birthday of Monsignor Amado Romer. A priest and sociologist, whose birthday was celebrated every day with cooking, sharing meals, sweet treats, and gifts for children. He is the sun-loving father who planted such a strong social doctrine that today we know about the struggles of unionism, cooperative work, and religious activities with strong reasons.

Two years ago, on the day he would have turned 100, had he been alive, SEDA petitioned the government of CuraƧao to make December 5th the official Day of Joy and Surprise for children. We hope that after 2 years, this petition can still be honored.

A Day of Joy remains a tradition and, historically, a day to surprise every child, regardless of tradition or religion. Psychologically, a surprise and celebration that lifts positive feelings of joy and hope.

Considering the fact that SEDA is building a family center in Koral Specht, this year, the Day of Joy and Surprise is for the 5 schools in K. Specht: Frater Evoniusschool, Schotborghschool, Skol Marieta Alberto, Adventschool, and Nelly Winkel school.

The day will start with a mass at the "E Bon Wardado" church in K. Specht, followed by an animated program by Armando Huerta, where popcorn, juice, and gifts will be distributed to all children aged 6 to 12, in the parking lot in front of Marieta Alberto school.

There will be books and place mats for use in school so that every child knows who this hero is. Accept this invitation to help us make December 5th a day of Joy and Surprise for many children, as this father has always done on his birthday."

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